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Wall Mountable or Floor Standing

Medical Grade Air PurifiersHow do they work?

Polluted air is drawn through the rear and filtered through the unit. Fresh clean air is then blown out the sides. The air is analysed by the sensors and monitored automatically. The unit will determine the optimal settings to restore the air purity. This will adjust the fan speed automatically.

  • icon Identifiable Display. Easy to understand.
  • icon Purify the air indoors. Designed for Offices and Homes.
  • icon Effective Purification. 6 Layer filtration.
  • icon Designed to Last. Professional and reliable.
Product Features

Ultra thin modern air purifier Medical Grade Air Purifiers

4 Fan Speeds

Sleep Mode, Low Fan Speed, Medium Fan Speed, High Fan Speed

Seven-layers purification system

Effectively filter and kill bacteria, viruses, dust, allergens, pollen, particulates and eliminate indoor smoke and odour.

Product appearance

Simple, modern, beautiful, ultra-thin design with a depth of only 12cm

Range & Options

High Efficiency Clear Air To Help your Family's Health

Rapid purification. The visible cleanliness and the refreshing smell. More than 24 milion negative ions output per second, which will purify and eliminate the occurence or airbone bacterial infections and reduce the static electricity build-up in electronic devices.


Range & Options

  • 5 Models in UK Range
  • 5 Years Limited Warranty
  • All Wall mountable out of the box
  • Wall Mounting Template Printed on Carton
  • Optional Silver Glass Bases Larger Models
  • AXP-1200 & AXP-1600 Require Base for Floor standing Option
  • Filters Revenue Stream at least 5 years